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4. Scrub the Black Algae Spots. Use a putty knife, a pumice stone, or a hand-held wire brush to get all the spots you couldn't get with the big brush. You can even use a chlorine tablet because not only does it have a scrubbing surface, but the chlorine gets applied chlorine directly to the bacteria Then, after that, do a little bit of spot scrubbing for anything that still shows up. 10.) Add normal shock dose. To permanently kill black algae, about 2-3 days after brushing your pool, add a regular dose of shock. A regular shock treatment is 1 pound of shock per 10,000 gallons Step 2: Brush all the black spots with a wire algae brush (use a nylon brush for vinyl, fiberglass or painted pools). Step 3: Add 1.5 quarts of Suncoast Metal Control per 10,000 gallons. Step 4: Mix Suncoast Super Black Algaecide into a bucket of water and pour away from the sides of the pool. Use 12 oz. per 10,000 gallons

In most cases, our quality algaecides will clear your green pool water within 48 hours and completely remove the black spot, green algae and mustard algae within a few weeks. In short, this treatment kills, mustard algae, green algae, pink slime and black spot algae. How to remove black spot algae In summary, black spots in fibreglass pools are either osmosis or mineral deposits from pool salts or algaecides. These spots can be usually be removed with stain treatment products. However, don't be fooled, it is very likely that an algaecide designed to kill black spots will do absolutely nothing at all to remove the spots If it's not possible to remove individual items from your tank to treat them, and you can't tolerate the sight of any Black Beard algae in your aquarium, you'll need to treat the whole tank. Use 10mls of undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide per 15 gallons of tank water An industrial strength black spot lichen remover. Black spot lichen treatment. Forget other DIY / Garden Centre type products, Our Black Spot Lichen Remover is many levels above. Removes Black Spot Lichen, Algae and kills weeds

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It's soft to the touch and appears like patches of dark hair, hence the name. With the right approach, permanent removal of beard algae is possible, however. Algae grazers such as the rubber lip pleco, Siamese algae eater, the American flagfish, and the black molly can help immensely. The issue, however, should be resolved at its core Black algae have a protective cover over the algae roots that penetrate the porous surface of the pool. This barrier has to be removed so that the chemicals can get to all of the algae. Brush the algae spots three to four times a day for the duration of the treatment Ammonia-based algaecides should work for green algae, but metal-based (specifically copper) algaecides are necessary for black algae. 7 Brush and vacuum your pool on a weekly basis. Brushing will remove dirt and spores, and prevent algae from taking hold We decided to remove the piece of driftwood that was our centerpiece. Even though the algae on it was was dying, the wood was heavily infested. We felt that to remove black beard algae completely, the driftwood had to go. The algae was almost completely gone from the rest of the tank. Only a few spots remained. Day 3 Concentrated Granular Black Spot Algae remover. For the control of blackspot algae in pebblecrete, white plaster & tiled pools only. Concentrated Treatment To Kill BLACK SPOT Algae. A first for Lo-Chlor offering a 90% Tri-Chlor granular black spot treatment. Features & Benefits. ONLY TO BE USED in pebblecrete, white plaster and tiled pool

Black algae is a thread-like growth that develops on rough surfaces in swimming pools. It appears as dark black spots on the pool's walls and floor and is slippery to the touch. This type of algae forms in a layered structure, with the outermost layer protecting the lower layers Black algae is one of the toughest strains of pool algae to kill. Often appearing as black spots, it will securely adhere to the pool surface and form a protective outer layer. Brushing the affected area will help in the treatment process. Similar to mustard algae, black algae can also thrive in your pool filter. How to remove black algae: 1 'How To' Easily Remove Black Spot and Algae (Pt.2)The best way to remove algae, blackspot and dirt from natural stone patio prior to sealing, without risk of.. For Black Spot Lichen you will require Biorase followed by Algerase. Instructions for Removal of Dark Green Algae and Black Spot Lichen. Pressure washing can be used but is not essential. Pressure washing can easily damage stone The most effective form of blackspot and algae removal for below ground swimming pools, Hy-Clor Blackspot Remover can be applied directly to trouble spots. It is a highly concentrated, slow dissolving chlorine that takes 2 days to remove algae. This product is not for use in painted or vinyl pools

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Unlike green algae stains, it's tougher to remove and resistant to normal chlorine levels. For that reason, their removal might take you 72 hours. Black Spot Algae Stains. Black algae aren't that common, and if it happens to grow, it's mostly confused with other matter such as dirt or mold The black algae doesn't and simply adheres to those and each other so actually can prevent granule loss if their colonies become dense. Once those are dissolved with cleaning agents and rinsed away with any sort of pressurized water will remove any granules that naturally lost their bond due to weathering to the asphalt base and wind up in. PaveCare™ Black Spot & Algae Remover is a ready to use deep cleaning solution that works on a wide range of outdoor surfaces to remove black spot, lichen, moss and stains from all types of paving. Ideal for natural stone, concrete and porcelain paving

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  1. Light green algae is easy to remove. Dark green algae requires a little more work. Black spot lichen (or large black areas of lichen) are more difficult and you must follow instructions. These methods are successful in more than 98% of cases. Make sure you follow these instructions and ask for help if you need it
  2. Pool black spot remover - without draining. Shock chlorination, regular brushing and a quality algaecide are often successful approaches to removing black spot algae. Some other suggestions on how to remove black spot can be found here. Remember, whatever solution you try, make sure that it treats all of the pool water everywhere, not just in.
  3. Black Beard algae can be black, gray, very dark green, and all shades in between. The organism first appears as tiny spots of raised stubble, typically along the edges of plants' leaves, before growing into fluffy tufts that resemble a brush or beard, hence the algae's common names

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  1. Here are the steps to follow: Adjust your pool's PH to 7.4-7.6 range and alkalinity to 80-120 PPM. Scrub the black spots using the nylon brush. Add 1½ quart of the metal control to 10K gallons of water. Mix your black algae algaecide with water and pour it on the pool sides, walls, and surface. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when.
  2. Patio Black Spot Remover for artificial stone will remove black spots from garden ornaments and all pre-cast patio slabs including Marshalls, Bradstone, Haddonstone and other cement-based slabs. Patio Black Spot Remover is currently the only product developed specifically to remove those hideous black spots and restore the colour of your stonework
  3. The PaveCare TM Black Spot & Algae Remover has been created for use on external areas of natural stone, concrete and porcelain paving. Ready to use, the deep cleaning solution will keep any paving, garden path, or driveway, looking its best all year round. KEY FACTS: Professional cleaning product for the removal of black spot, lichen, moss and.
  4. Black algae aren't free-floating rather they possess spots that are black or blue-green with raised heads; Mostly, you'll find black algae in the rough areas of pool plaster; Unlike other types of algae, black algae don't brush off the wall easily; Unfortunately, the black algae could be found in pools even with proper filtration and.
  5. Black Spot on Roses. If this scenario sounds familiar, welcome to the bane of the rose gardener's existence: black spot on roses. Black spot (Marssonina rosae or Diplocarpans rosae) is a fungal disease considered to be the most serious rose disease in the world.The parasitical fungus spreads rapidly through direct contact among roses — usually at an infected grower's site or in the home.
  6. Patio Mould Black Spot Remover Best Cleaner Green Algae Smartseal. Captain Refurb Hoe To Remove The Black Lichen Spots From My Patio Jet Wash Team. Get Rid Of Those Unwanted Lichen Black Spots From Your Patio Captain Refurb. Stontex Black Spot Remover 5l Accessories Tile Merchant

Applying the algae remover. Follow these instructions to remove the black spots from your patio and paving. Clear away any garden furniture or obstacles on the patio area to be treated. Shake the bottle well before using. Wearing the appropriate PPE, apply the neat concentrate directly to the surface to be treated with a plastic watering can or. Run your pool filter to circulate water. We recommend you run the filter for 24 hours to 48 hours. After shocking the pool, if there is still black algae or black spot, brush your pool again with a stainless steel brush. Then, re-shock your pool. And this time, apply a regular amount of sodium dichloro Phosphate removers are not algaecides. They will not clear up green/pea soup pools and they do not kill algae. One mistake a lot of people make is that they see a green pool or black spot algae and they start their treatment with a phosphate remover. This is not the correct way to manage the problem and is a waste of money

LTP Black Spot & Algae Remover removes black spot, lichen, moss and stains from all types of patio paving including natural stone, concrete & porcelain paving. LTP Black Spot & Algae Remover is a ready to use deep cleaning solution that works on a wide range of outdoor surfaces Kills Blackspot Algae. Slow Release & Metal Fre Incredibly easy to use, LTP Black Spot & Algae Remover can be applied neat to any of the surface types mentioned and is ready to be hosed off after just 2-4 hours, leaving a gleaming, umblemished surface behind. Do not use in conjunction with acid based removers or other acid based cleaners. Information Breakdown. Weight TT Paving Solutions Remove-It is an effective algae, black spot, and lichens remover for porcelain, natural stone, and masonry. Professional exterior cleaner Easy to use Perfect for professional and DIY use Ready to use and very fast-acting Use our solutions in combination with our Macchia and Ventosa to achieve a quicker application and maximum results Black Spot & Algae Remover ASHEET Date: 01/11/2019 Pavestone UK Limited, Westington Quarry, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire GL55 6EG Tel 01386 848650 Fax 01386 849072 enquiries@pavestone.co.uk. www.pavestone.co.uk NB: BLACK SPOT & ALGAE REMOVER Exterior Use Removes black spot, lichen, moss and stains from all types o


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Black algae are one of the most difficult types of algae to remove from a surface. If not removed on time, it can cause serious structural damage to the surface infested. Not to sound too scary, it can be removed, and that's one of the reasons this article was written: To enlighten you (pool owners) about the dangers involved, the causes of. Black algae is insidious. The only way I have been able to get rid of it manually is to pull everything out of the tank (fish, plants, rocks, decor, etc) and bleach it all (except the fish of course!). There are a couple issue with this method, the first being that bleach, even a tiny amount, is highly toxic to fish This is very fast and easy. It is also very effective. I will post results when it finishesdon't forget to watch part 2https://youtu.be/gFVTg6J2I4 Pool algae is the bane of every pool owner's life, but black algae will seemingly take on a life of its own. This kind of algae can give you a real headache if not taken care of immediately. Unlike other forms of pool algae that contain chlorophyll , this little guy forms layers and each layer forms a scab Black Spot & Algae Remover. Professional, ready to use deep cleaning solution. PaveCare™ Black Spot & Algae Remover is a ready to use deep cleaning solution that works on a wide range of outdoor surfaces to remove black spot, lichen, moss and stains from all types of paving

Black algae typically afflicts plaster pool surfaces; it is virtually impossible in vinyl or fiberglass pools due to the smooth surface that prevent the roots from embedding themselves. It usually appears on the pool surface as isolated black spots, dark circular patterns, or blotchy black patches. A few samples are shown below Those annoying black splodges are possible to remove, we can't guarantee 100% removal in 1 application but as you can see its about 95% gone, and the bleach continues to work after rinsing. This method works on all types of stone, concrete, natural stone, block paving, brickwork What Is Black Spot Algae? Black Spot algae is quite possibly the worst type of infection that can affect your swimming pool designs.Not only is Black Spot algae unsightly and grossly unhygienic, it can also be incredibly expensive to treat with some cases requiring a complete resurface of the swimming pool

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The name black spot is given to this particular kind of algae because of the dark spot on top of the growth, which is usually the only visible part; if you only remove this spot, the algae will grow back within a few days. This head protects the layers underneath from destruction. Black spot is a slower growing algae than most others, but don't. SPOT-ON features a range of powerful performance products to tackle common garden and ground maintenance tasks such as restoring patios, killing weeds and moss, controlling ant infestations, removing black spots and lichen, as well as general outdoor cleaning. SPOT-ON uses the best formulas to get the job done, tackling common issues around your property, so Read More »HOM In short: if you spot any black spots, big or small, that are attached to the plaster in your pool, resembling a mould-like texture, you've got a black algae problem. Removing Black Algae From Your Pool. Now you know you've definitely got it, let's kill it. Be splash-happy and black algae free in 5 simple steps. #1 Remove your automatic cleaner and vacuum plate (if installed). - Add acid as required to lower the pH (use acid demand test). - Give the Black Spot a brush with your pool broom or an algae brush to scrape the surface of the Black Spot. - Add stabilised granular chlorine, sprinkling it directly onto the Black Spot where possible (you may need to. Pavestone Black Spot & Algae Remover is an effective solution to removing black spot, lichen, moss and algae stains from all types of external natural stone, concrete and porcelain paving. The deep cleaning solution will work on a wide range of surfaces and will allow you to keep your outdoor areas looking its best all year round

BLACK SPOT & ALGAE REMOVER TECHNICAL DATA SHEET REF: LTP/40/5 JANUARY 2020 BLACK SPOT & ALGAE REMOVER Exterior Use Removes black spot, lichen, moss and stains from all types of patio paving including natural stone, concrete & porcelain paving. Ready to use deep cleaning solution that works on a wide rang THE LEADING CAUSES OF HOT TUB ALGAE, MOLD AND MILDEW. While algae, mold, and mildew are very different organic substances—algae are plants, whereas mold and mildew are fungi—their presence in your hot tub is universally unwelcome. Algae in a hot tub can take many forms and can appear in various colors, from green to yellow to white to black Unlike green algaes, few aquatic creatures have evolved to eat black algae but the Siamese Flying Fox Crossocheilus siamensis (also known as the SAE or Siamese Algae Eater) can be used as a means of control. The key to beating this, or any other nuisance algae, is to change the conditions in the aquarium with cause it to thrive

Black beard algae can be easily identified in the tank; in the initial stages, BBA appears as black or greyish spots on surfaces (decor, substrate, glass, leaves edges). As growth progresses, this algae will morph into thick patches of hair that are capable of enveloping plant leaves and covering hiding spots Black algae spots, on the other hand, have a more speckle-like appearance. What Are the Dangers of Black Spots in Pools ? Although black algae themselves aren't as dangerous as moss or any mold, they can surely act as a magnet for harmful bacteria and insects. Among these pathogens, we have E. coli Black Algae: This is the third and the most stubborn type of algae. Thankfully, this type of algae is very rare in swimming pools. Black algae appears dark in colour and can look like black spots on the pool wall. The algae usually appears in places that aren't receiving an adequate amount of sunlight. But how to remove them Black algae is the common name or term given to the dark blue-green algae found growing on pool surfaces. Black algae grows in localized areas such as along one wall, in the deep end, in a corner or around obstacles such as steps indicates an area of poor circulation and poor sanitization Black Beard Algae (BBA) Despite the name, black beard algae or BBA is actually a type of red algae from the Rhodophyta family. It forms clusters of slippery black or purplish threads on any of the hard surfaces in your tank and kind of resembles a patchy beard. This alga is the bane of aquarists with mature tanks

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  1. As a result, black spot removal services work hard across the country to clear these spots from patios with sandstone, pavers, etc. How Do I Get Rid Of Them? There are a few ways to remove a black spot from a patio. Black spot removal services use the following three techniques to clear out this nasty material on patios. 1) Pressure-Washin
  2. You want to remove as much black algae as possible in this step. You might also need to go back over some of the tougher spots with a pumice stone, chlorine tablet or putty knife to remove the last bits of black algae. Shock It. After you've brushed the black algae off the surfaces of your pool, this stuff will now be floating in your pool water
  3. JCB - 2 x 2.5L Black Spot Remover and Destroyer - Path and Patio Cleaner - Mould Remover, Algae Remover - Spray and Leave 4.0 out of 5 stars 30 £22.99 £ 22 . 99 (£11.50/Item
  4. Remember, most of the time, acid washing costs 4-5 times more than a treatment from the pool stain removers. Fact is, acid washing is rarely needed to remove pool stains. For more information on rust stains in pool, black algae stains in pool or about pool acid washing click here
  5. Patio Black Spot Remover Removing black spot from sandstone patios can be very challenging if you do not use the best patio cleaner. Cleaning natural stone patios is also very easy with superior patio cleaning products from Smartseal. Moss, algae, black and white lichen can be removed quickly after one or two applications of these fast acting.

LTP introduces new Black Spot & Algae Remover. LTP has introduced a new stain removal treatment to its range. New Black Spot & Algae Remover restores appearance to natural stone, concrete, brick and porcelain. Giving results in as little as two hours, the treatment is ideal for deep cleaning new and existing paths, patios and driveways How to Use Pro-Kleen Black Spot Remover. Apply the solution neat using a pump sprayer or a watering can. Leave for a minimum of 2 hours or overnight if possible. Keep children and pets away from the area during this time. Rinse off and allow to dry before allowing children and pets onto the area Hi Mitch, black spots, sounds like you got the algae. First thing is to check pH level and adjust down to the lower range, around 7.2, and check it every day during treatment, to make sure it didn't pop back up. Low pH makes chlorine more powerful Wet & Forget - Moss Mould Lichen & Algae Remover (Editor's Choice) Spray activ8-5 L Patio Decking Drive Cleaner (Luxury Choice) Floorseal Patio Black Spot Remover Plus (Best Value) Damp weather is approaching and your patio's state is about to get worse. Moist, wet, and humid conditions promote unwanted plant growth and algae Add Pool Pro Black Spot Remover as per the instructions on the bottle or from you Pool Pro Professional. This product is copper based which has been found to be the most effective algaecide for black spot algae. Switch on the filter and run for eight hours to circulate. Vacuum the following day and clean filter

SPOT-ON Black Spot Remover & Patio Restorer is a 5 litre ready to use solution. It powerfully breaks up hard to remove stains such as black spot. It also removes green growth including algae and lichen spores. This long lasting deep cleaning solution works on a wide range of outdoor surfaces to lift stains and restore them back to natural colours How to Remove Algae with Wet & Forget Outdoor. Getting rid of tough black algae is a piece of cake when you choose Wet & Forget Outdoor. To use the Wet & Forget Concentrate on your sidewalk or retaining wall with algae, first mix 1 part Wet & Forget Outdoor with 5 parts water in a pump-up style garden sprayer. To apply the Wet & Forget Hose End. Pressure washing and bleach aren't the best options for cleaning green and black algae. Even if you try to remove the algae, it can easily grow back because these cleaning methods don't effectively attack the full growth. Meaning there are traces of algae left behind, and it can quickly come back

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How to Remove Black Beard Algae from Anubias Plants? Most people will recommend you to cut off all the leaves from your plants that are infected with black beard algae. This is probably the easiest option, but it is very brutal and will probably kill your Anubias plant. You can add a CO2 system to your tank How to remove black spot algae from your pool? Use this product! This highly concentrated blend from Lo-Chlor is ideal for light and heavy infestations of black spot algae in all types of swimming pools. Features & Benefits. Use for the treatment of severe, resistant algae strains. Effective over a wide pH range, best results at pH between 7.0. EcoClean Solutions Mold, Mildew & Algae Remover | No-Scrub Stain Remover | Instant Results for All Surfaces (1 Gallon) 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,032 1 offer from $29.9

The best patio cleaners 2021: easily remove algae and dirt. The best patio cleaners for removing algae, mould, dirt and moss from your paving and decking; all with minimal effort and stress-free results. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter (Image credit: Getty) By Annie Collyer 2021-07-08T14:40:36Z Black algae commonly crop up on concrete driveways in areas with high levels of humidity and heavy rainfall. While black algae won't damage concrete driveways, they can be an awful eyesore. Small colonies quickly spread to cover large areas. Attack even small black algae colonies as soon as you see them

You want to remove as much black algae as possible in this step. You might also need to go back over some of the tougher spots with a pumice stone, chlorine tablet or putty knife to remove the last bits of black algae. Shock It. After you've brushed the black algae off the surfaces of your pool, this stuff will now be floating in your pool water Spot algae are seen as circular, thin, bright green spots that adhere strongly to the surface of the glass and other hard surfaces. Typical causes are excess light and excess nutrients. If your tank is experiencing green spot algae on plants, likely it's due to low phosphates 1. If it is on the glass but not on the plants, then just clean the. How to treat black algae: With some effort, scrub the black spots off of your pool/spa shell. Then vacuum the waste from the pool. Shock treat the water. Treat your pool or spa with Pool Solutions Algae Prevent 60 - the strongest form of algaecide for the most stubborn form of algae. Scrub the problem areas again The black spots discoloring your asphalt roof are more than likely the pervasive and prevalent algae known as Gloecapsa Magma. These roof-invaders require a moisture-rich environment, usually.

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PaveCare™ Black Spot & Algae Remover is a ready to use deep cleaning solution that works on a wide range of outdoor surfaces to remove black spot, lichen, moss and stains from all types of paving. Ideal for natural stone, concrete and porcelain paving. Available in 5L containers Stontex black spot spot stain remover is a biodegradable fast acting stain remover for algae, moss and litchen. A heavy duty professional version of All In One outdoor cleaner. For use on external paving material, for example natural stone, concrete and patios. It is a commercial strength high quality cleaner that dilutes for extended coverage

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Black algae is a type of algae that gets its name from the color that it exhibits on the surface of the water. Other types of algae include red algae, green algae, and others. Black algae is slightly more stubborn than the other types and is harder to kill and remove vis-à-vis its more colorful counterparts Prevent algae before it becomes an issue. The addition of algicide is needed for proper pool maintenance. Sanitizers or shock/oxidizers alone may not keep algae at bay and this step is needed to keep your pool completely clear of any growth. This is the third part of the BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care System LTP Blackspot & Algae Remover - 5 Litre. £ 43.99 Inc. VAT. Once your paving is clean, you have the option to seal your stone. Sealing your patio will help to prevent the build-up of mould and algae by creating a protective layer across the surface which will stop the stone from absorbing excess moisture

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  1. Rob Parkers Best is a biocide which will get into the growth & kill the Black Spot permanently, but also has a bleaching agent which will bleach the blackness out of the visible Black Spot. To work properly it is necessary to ensure that the Rob Parkers Best Patio Cleaner remains on the affected stone for at least an hour, (but up to 24 hours.
  2. Blackspot Algae has a tough, waxy coating that brushing usually doesn't penetrate easily. The trichlor is acidic as well as being the strongest available chlorine and is also slow-disolving so makes it perfect to remove the black spot. You can also sprinkle the powder over the spots. Turn pump on after an hour to make sure it dissolves though
  3. Monty Miracle is simply the best patio cleaner to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, algae, lichen, moss, fungal growth, black spot and many more organic stains. Our block paving cleaner is simply the fastest way of cleaning and removing organic growth from the dirtiest of block paved patios from brick or concrete to natural stone, indian stone.

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PaveCare Black Spot & Algae Remover is a ready to use deep cleaning solution that works on patios, paths, drives and other outdoor surfaces to remove black spot, lichen, moss and stains from all types of paving. Ideal for removing black spot, lichen, moss and stains from natural stone, concrete and porcelain paving Roof algae generally have a black-green hue. Algae grow most often on wood and asphalt shingles or concrete tiles, especially if they do not get a lot of sunlight. The most common class of roof algae is Gloeocapsa magma, a bacterium that eats water and expels oxygen. It causes the black stains you may see on your roof

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This is one of the most difficult algae to remove. It appears with no apparent cause even in older, very stable lush tanks. Most of the times the only solution is to remove the spots - one-by-one with heroic scrubbing, and that would not at all guarantee that it is not going to come back. Removal is helped immensely by this tool: ADA Pro picker. Moss Clear is a Highly Effective Microbiological Biocide that will Quickly Remove Moss, Black Spot, Algae, Lichen and other types of Organic Growth thoroughly and efficiently. Moss Clear is suitable for Plock paving, Concrete, Tarmac, Decking, Roof tiles and many other external hard surfaces. Buy Now More Details Algae is a diverse and resilient organism that thrives in water. Out of all the Algae species, Black Spot can be the most difficult and resistant to remove from a swimming pool. Bubbles, commonly known as Osmosis are pockets of moisture within the layers of the Fibreglass. They generally appear when a pool has been constructed poorly and/or low. 5. Remove localized stains with muriatic acid and a scrub brush. Carefully pour the acid into a piece of PVC pipe, and deliver the acid to a stain on the pool wall. Be cautious, if the whole pool is lightly stained, you may end up with a a bright white spot that is surrounded by a darker color The most effective form of blackspot and algae removal for below ground swimming pools, Apply directly to trouble spots. Highly concentrated, slow dissolving chlorine, that takes 2 days to remove algae. For use in pebblecrete and tile pools only, not for use in painted or vinyl pools

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We, The Patio Black Spot Removal Company Limited, specialize in the removal of black spots, white fungus, moss and algae from stone terraces and other stonework. We have over 30 years experience. My pressure washer is a 3700 psi beast and even that couldn't get all the algae out from inside the stone, so I had to use Smartseals 'Patio clean Xtreme' to remove the algae, black spots and lichen. This product is the absolute best, because you spray the area, leave it on for around an hour and rinse it off, then repeat if necessary and it.

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When black algae appear in a swimming pool, it can look like a black discoloration or black spots on the sides or the bottom of the pool. If you have a concrete or gunite pool, use a stainless. In a saltwater pool, chlorine is released at a slower rate than in a chlorinated pool, which means that the chances of algae taking root are much higher Keep the levels of pH, alkalinity and sanitizer in the correct rate at all times by periodic check. Run your pump and filter about 8 to 12 hours a day. Keep your pool clean and safe from the algae by regularly vacuuming and brushing. Shock your pool every week. Remember 1 pound per 10,000 gallons or less For Removal of. Black Spot; Algae and Lichens; Moss; Surface Grime; 5 litres of product will clean and treat approximately 40 m² of flagstone, natural stone, or block paved patios. Wear appropriate safety wear at all times. See technical page for more information

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