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120 Reasons Why I Love You: I love the way you look at me. You make me feel like I'm the only person in the world. With you I can be myself. I love you because we are family and friends at the same time. When we're together, all my problems disappear. You make my heart smile. You know me better than I know myself. 161. I love the way you get when you're on fire to make something happen. And I never doubt you will. Why do I love him? If you're making a list of Reasons why I love my boyfriend — or husband, partner, best friend, etc. — here are some worthy additions to consider: 162. With you, I laugh louder, smile more, and cry less 100 Reasons Why I Love You. You always strengthen my faith in God. I love your attitude. You are always supportive of me. You always help me to know God. I love the way you smile at me. You make me feel happy. I love you because you make life easier for me. You are more than a best friend to me

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Well, flounder no more, because we compiled this list of 150 reasons to love someone you can share with that special person in your life when you want to say, This is why I love you LOVE. This four letter word has more power than almost any other word in the dictionary.It is the source of happiness, strife, joy, anger, excitement, and stress, all mixed up into one incredible feeling. And even though there's nothing better than hearing I love you from the person you care about most, it's still nice to switch it up from time to time

80. I love you because you gave me serenity in the midst of struggle. A piece of love poem won't hurt and will definitely add much more romance to your love declaration. They are also reasons for why I love you! Check those 20 romantic love poems out and after reading this you have the complete list of 100 reasons why i love you 52 Reasons Why I Love you Cards. The 52 reasons why I love you list is perfect for turning a deck of cards into a memorable gift. I actually did this for Nathan for one of our first Valentine's days together. I punched holes along the left edge of all 52 cards in a standard deck 34. I love you because you always shower me with a certain tenderness and affection that makes me feel like the most loved person in the world. 35. I love the way we glance at each other across the room and know what each other is thinking. 36. I love you because out of all of the other people in this world, you still chose me Romantic reasons why I love you - Impress your beloved by pointing him/her reasons as to why you love him/her and what the special features that enchant you further are. Check out for yourself and try flattering your beloved on this special day. you can send to your loved one when they ask you why you love them or just to let them know how you feel Reasons Why I Love You (Him or Her) Darling, you gave me strength and I'm not afraid of falling because I know you're always there to catch me, you are always ready and you're just a life saver, Love you so much. You're my hero and heroes are always loved and cherished, to my superhero, thank you for always being there and I love you so.

Reasons Why I Love You Personalized GIFT 52 Reasons Why I | Etsy. This gift in a jar is a very unique way to express yourself in many different ways to a special person :).It holds 52 scrolls for every week in a years time. The receiver would pick 1 personal scrolled message out of his or her jar a week to read :)!!! $10.00 PRE-PRINTING & PRE. The idea should be that you love them more than any surface decision. You're fine with being unhappy about the action movie, so long as they're happy and you know you'll be rewarded with an extra long orgasm later so it's fine. Give and take, give and take. I'm in love with you because you're the peanut butter to my jelly Reasons Why I Love You List: 15 Powerful Things To Tell Your Partner What powerful things can you say to your partner? We get caught up in saying 'I love you' when we leave our partner, greet our partner, or when something really good happens. The words 'I love you' can lose their meaning when you are only using them in this way 52 Simple Reasons Why I Love You (Written by Me) (Volume 1) [Erskine, Jim] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 52 Simple Reasons Why I Love You (Written by Me) (Volume 1

Read this MomJunction post to know why you need to express your love for your mom. 120 Reasons Why I Love My Mom. She gave me the gift of life. She raised me to be a responsible person. She is the source of cheer and joy in our family. She is the one who binds us all together. She is the emotional backbone of our family We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. 100 reasons why i love you Rosalie Abareta. reasons why i love you juvie Bravo. 30 Reasons I Love You on Your 30th Jessica Hutto Belveal. 52 reasons i love you blank. So I thought it would be fun to share a list of my own reasons why I love nature, and I'm excited to discover which ones resonate the deepest with you! Here are 10 reasons why I love nature (and why you might too). 1. Nature Brings Us To Our Sense Why do you love your girlfriend or boyfriend? Can't come up with more than a couple of reasons? We've got some unboring ideas for you: 1. You love me for who I am. You accept me for who I am. You accept my light and my shadow. You've never tried to change me, while others want to make me fit their personal expectations. Despite we're.

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24. That you still love me even though you've seen me looking terrible. 25. How you say, 'I love you, sweetie.' 26. That you can't stay in a mood with me for long. 27. Our memories. 28. Our plans. 29. How we just can't leave each other. 30. That over time, as I look at you, I love you more and more LoveBook ® lets YOU say exactly why they are special. It's a gift that would make anyone feel loved. Fun to build. Even more fun to give. Select from thousands of ideas and fun illustrations. Make Your Love. Book Come To Life. Customize the message and put in all your special moments, inside jokes and more 17. I love you more than any person in your life loves you. 18. I love you more than the butterflies in the gardens, the rainbow over the blue sky, and the greeneries in the meadow. 19. I love you more than distance everybody loves Raymond. 20. I love you more than Harry Potter, and that should have been impossible I love you more than that excellent cup of coffee from café on the 10th Street. I love you more than iphone and ipad combined, which I cannot live without. I love you more than the sun, the ocean and the mountains. I love you more than the butterflies in the gardens, the rainbow over the blue sky, and the greeneries in the meadow

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True friendship is a rare gem that more valuable than gold. Reasons Why I Love my Best Friend. 1. When I say I love you, my friend, I really mean it, few words can really express what you mean to me. You listen to me even when I sometimes do not remember the exact word I speak; you take time to comfort me even with your unspoken words. And, and i truly love you or i love you more work well. 0. Guest. 5 Reasons Why Most People Have Mediocre Relationships The real reasons behind shallow and superficial relationships Reasons Why I Love You Picture this: You are giving a bouquet of gorgeous roses to your beloved. You expect a generous hug, a peck on the cheek, or at least a warm thank you

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The Imitation Game. 1. The more you learn, the more you can potentially earn - Making money is a matter of providing a service, solving a problem, or using a rare and in demand skill or set of skills. Learning provides you will the skills needed to succeed. Therefore the more tools you have in your tool belt, the more equipped you are to seize upon an opportunity that presents itself Men who can't love and women who can't love share similar traits when it comes to the reasoning behind the inability to love someone else. Hopefully, these 7 reasons listed above will give you more insight into why you are unable to love someone or why your current partner seems unable to love you Pure joy! My number one reason why I love being a mom is the pure joy I get from being a special part of my daughter's life — watching her learn, smile, giggle, and grow.. — Caren. 10 Reasons Why I Love Dogs There is no one that I love more than my dog. Dogs are loyal to the bone and will always do anything to make us happy. My dog Roxy is my best friend, and I hope everyone else has a friend like a dog to love as well. Report this Content The good news is simply being seen with a dog can make you seem more dateable. In one 2008 study , a 20-year-old man approached hundreds of women and asked for their phone numbers

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  1. Here are 10 reasons why self-love is the best kind of love, and why it's important to love yourself first, before focusing on loving someone else. 1. Loving and knowing yourself makes it easier to.
  2. If you're wondering if you should travel to Cinque Terre, I can promise, you will love it! Here are the most important reasons why you should visit Cinque Terre. 1. Cinque Terre is the most beautiful place ever. One of the most important reasons why you should visit Cinque Terre is the beauty of the area. There are wonderful colorful houses.
  3. Reasons Why Camping Is Fun. Apart from the countless activities to do while camping, the act itself opens up a world of opportunities and new experiences. In no particular order, here are some reasons why camping is fun. You can pretend you're in Survivor. One of the coolest things about camping is learning skills you otherwise wouldn't
  4. by Carrie Sue. I love you because you make me happy. I love you because you make me feel safe and secure. I love your smile. I love the way you say my name. I love the look in your eyes when you tell me you love me. And how you laugh at me when I do something stupid, when others would put. me down. I love the fact that when I'm around you I can.
  5. In 2021, there are more reasons why people love Linux than ever before. In this series, I'll share 21 different ways to use Linux. Here I'll explain why so many programmers choose Linux. When I first started using Linux, it was for its excellent multimedia support because I worked in film production
  6. A little more than 4 years ago, I published an article about why people loved Elon Musk so much. Given that it's still #ElonMuskDay in California, it seemed like a good time to repost this article

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Even after 5 years, I still continue to discover new ways of utilizing the appliance. The empowerment it has given me in the kitchen is the reason why I love sharing the Instant Pot with you. Whether you've already owned one or still learning more about it, I hope this has inspired you to try out Japanese cooking with the Instant Pot Reasons Why I Love Jazz. Jazz. A single word that encompasses a world full of ideas and people. Multifarious and diverse, yet unifying. As a young adult, I often feel alienated by my love of jazz. I live in a world of swing and bebop, yet my friends seem confused by the name jazz.. When I was a bit younger, I didn't listen to the radio. One of the top reasons why I love to travel is that I get to discover new cultures. In fact, this boost of your confidence is one of the top reasons why you should travel more because it will help you in every aspect of your life later. Understand the need to protect the Earth We're the world's leading marketplace to explore and book unforgettable travel experiences. We offer any type of holiday you can imagine including mindful yoga retreats, adventurous safaris, epic surf camps, and more. Why choose us? We love to travel and we want to share our excitement with you

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When I hear love I think of you. You are my world and best friend too. From you I learned love. Read More. I love you because you are so kind, thoughtful and caring. I love you because you are so pleasant, lovely and sharing. You made me the man I am 11 Reasons Why You Sorta Love Passwords. None of these are foolproof, but once combined they create a barrier that is much more difficult for a determined, intelligent fraudster to bypass 10 reasons why I love Bitcoin. Sean McDonnell. Follow. Dec 11, 2017 · 1 min read. 1) You don't have to physically carry it around. You can ditch the paper or plastic and free up your precious pocket space. 2) More people and places are starting to accept it, from coffee shops, to real estate owners, this is a currency gaining traction and. Here are seven great reasons why you should love money. Money Love Reason #1. You should love money because it is the way the world lets you know you are on the right path. Money Love Reason #2. You should love money because all the world loves a lover, and people will be attracted to you and what you are offering when you exude that love energy

Heartwarming Reasons Why I Love You Ideas: Meaningful & Romantic. You have a lot of reasons to love someone. Just remember that showing your partner how much you care is an important part of your relationship Bonus Reason 101. The fact that this list was so easy to write, but also so hard because I had to limit it to just 100 reasons when I can think of at least a million plus reasons why I love you and why I am the luckiest woman in the world. Happy 32nd Birthday!!! 52 Reasons why I love you. Here is a list of 52 reasons why I love you list ideas to share with you all. You love me. You think I'm beautiful. You want to be with me for me. You cherish our relationship. You have an amazing smile. You helped me come to know God. You care about me

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  1. The Reason. You came into my life for a reason. It's clear you are my reason to love. There are so many signs of this each and every day. There is only one you. The way you smell, your smile, the way my body reacts to yours. It's the unique combination of all things YOU. This is one of the reasons I love you. Then there's the sound of your voice
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  3. 4. You're More Likely To Have A Positive Experience. It's actually nice since they want the money and therefore will be very friendly to you unless you are some drunk tourist shitbag. The difference to hooking up in a normal way is that you both know what the deal is and why you are here. No bullshit, straight talk
  4. If not why do you think such a shy girl is saying 'I love you' to you without any proper reason? Case 4: She is a shy girl and I love you only at some emotional moments and times. This is almost similar to case 2. Your friend is a shy closed girl. She doesn't open up to anyone. She might be alone many times

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  1. 10 Reasons Why People Spend Too Much The more we disregard our longer-term interests in favor of immediate gratification, the more likely that we will have the overspending problem. 5. Hard.
  2. And we have more pride than anyone else. Being of Hispanic heritage myself (Puerto Rican, to be exact), I came up with 11 reasons why being hispanic is the sh*t: 1. We're full of culture and lots.
  3. My dear, there are over a zillion reasons why I love being your brother/sister more than anything else. One of these numerous reasons is because you bless me with monumental happiness on a daily basis. I love you so. There's nothing more amazing in life than being blessed with a lovely and caring sister like you, my dear

An analogous distinction applies in matters of love (Brogaard, 2015). There are reasons that explain why we love the people we do, and occasionally there are also reasons that justify our loving. As data science getting more and more traction in all the major industries. So, in this new, exciting and challenging field there are lots of opportunities. Here are few reasons why you should be a part of this

That's why I'm urging you to learn more about how I transformed my love life using the Hero's Instinct right now. Your love story is far more likely to have a happy ending once you learn this skill. Then, you can use my list below to smoothly explain why you love him. It's common for your boyfriend to ask you why you love him Love is blind, blind to the faults of the lover. Why do I say this? Well, I have my reasons, and they are definitely worth a consider. For when you're in love, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the shortcomings and the failures are accepted and in time, become the very reasons to love someone even more India teaches you patience. She teaches you how to surrender. She teaches you unconditional love. India teaches you acceptance for scenarios outside of your control. She is the heart of the world. There are numerous reasons why you need to travel to India, and below are some of the many reasons why I love India 9 Reasons Why I Love Volleyball Volleyball offers many positive benefits for our bodies, minds, and social lives. Bryan Hellman. Feb 27, 2018. If you pet has a moderate case of separation anxiety it can take more time to get them accustomed to you leaving. This means taking the process of leaving them way slower

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However, if you can't stomach the thought of sometimes waking up alone, and you aren't willing to compromise, it might be time to split. You can still be friends, even if you don't work out romantically. 2. They Lost Trust . Another reason why your partner might be pulling away occurs if they begin losing trust in you 3. I love being a librarian because I can help people find the information they want and also information they wanted but didn't know it existed.. -Andrew Kosmowski, SM (Librarian at University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio Area, United States) 4. I love being a librarian because it is more than just organizing or shelving books

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Whether you're team selfie or team selfies-R-dumb, the selfie is definitely here to stay. Here are 10 reasons why the selfie is so important! Self love is important. Test out your front-facing camera. Fun, fun, fun! Capture the emotion of a moment. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. Bringing people together. Progress pics FTW 7 Reasons Why Cultivating a Love of Learning Is Crucial to Your Career. Topics: When you love learning, you are more open to changes and to new opportunities in the job market. Now is not the. Here Are 7 Reasons to Quit a Job You Love. More Money: The most obvious reason to quit a job that you love is more money. It doesn't matter how much you love your job if you're stressed over paying the bills every month and can't make ends meet. Before you start a job search or quit, find out how much you're worth in today's job market There are so many different reasons why women cheat. The same applies to husbands. Loneliness might play a major role in affairs, as do boredom and alcohol. Sometimes a close relationship with a colleague is taken too far during a long night at the office. Other times a spouse turns to infidelity to fill a physical or emotional void left.

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Apart from contemporaries, I really enjoy reading dystopian fictions and I wanted to share with you why I love this genre so much and why you should give it a try (if you haven't yet). If you're a hard-core dystopian fan, let's see if we like this genre for the same reasons, plus there are some pretty awesome recommandations at the end. The more you learn about it, and come to understand the *why* behind it all, the more you'll enjoy it. It's like spending some personal time with your photos!! 45. Healing. Therapy. Meditation. Photography can be all of those things So many reasons why I love to cook, but mostly, for the pure joy of discovering new foods and flavor combinations. I have found, almost without exception, that the fabulous chicken dish you had at that great restaurant last week is not that different from the one you make for your family every Tuesday night, save for an accoutrement

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So, there must be more reasons why we do so. There must be something glorious about dancing that is more than just intangible; it must be almost imperceptible. We cannot seem to explain it, yet we all know it so well that we do not hesitate to tap our feet to a Gershwin melody or pulse with the percussion of a samba rhythm Why I prefer Bing over Google (and you should too) Formerly called as MSN Search, Windows Live Search or Live Search, Bing was unveiled by former CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer on May 28 th, 2009 and went live on June 3 rd. 2009. Since then, Microsoft is showing its commitment to Bing as an Internet Search Engine rivalling the dominant giant. Do you need more reasons to love pasta? Here are 10 more! 1. It is perfect with wine. Wine, particularly red wine, is good for your heart. So drink it with your favorite pasta dish! pasta&wine. 2. The pasta options are endless. Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes from bowties and wheels to noodles and gnocchi. Plus, they come in different. Further Reading: 3 Reasons Why Love is Not Enough for a Relationship . Love is unequal. In a relationship, no two people love each other equally and one person out of the two could be more in love which is why people might keep wondering to themselves, does the person like me as much as I like them?.

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The first few times you go on dates might not end with you passionately crumbling the sheets. But it will get easier to spend time with each other again, and if you talk and connect, there's no reason why you shouldn't start to feel love again. That's what happens to me and my partner of 11 years all the time Here are the reasons why I love chess: 1. Requires minimal physical action. Unlike basketball or football, chess is less physical and less strenuous which means that there is little to no chance of you getting injured. Well, except for the occasional hand cramps, eye sores, headaches, and jet lag but nothing major Here are some reasons I've discovered as to why cats can be the best pets. pinterest-pin-it. Cats spend a lot of their time grooming, so they are always nice and clean. PixaBay. 1. Cats Tend to Be Clean Animals. Cats spend much of their time grooming themselves, so you will rarely have to bathe your feline friend So here are my 10 reasons why I love and hate Gordon Ramsay. I think every chef, not just in America, but across the world, has a double-edged sword - two jackets, one that's driven, a self-confessed perfectionist, thoroughbred, hate incompetence and switch off the stove, take off the jacket and become a family man. — Gordon Ramsay I love it! There are thousands of reasons why I think helping children and their families is the best job in the world, but I will focus on my top four. 1. Working with kids is fun! I love that no single day at work is the same! Children come to see me for counselling for many different reasons And so, to the second most important reason why women have sex - love. Romantic love, Meston and Buss write, is the topic of more than 1,000 songs sold on iTunes